8 Major Benefits of Work from Home in Malaysia

by sideincomes123 on 05/09/2010

Despite there being a countless number of benefits to write about work from home in Malaysia, the following information are just some of the key benefits most people in Malaysia enjoy working from home:

(1) Obviously, working from home may eleminate the commute and save 1-3 hours each day on commuting, thus allowing you to have more time to be spent on actual work.

(2) You could save money through direct savings when working from home in Malaysia. For examples, working from home may significantly lower the cost of your business expenses, reduce cost of gas & maintenance fees for your vehicle, and save on business attire or office uniform for that you don’t need that formality unless you must meet with clients.

(3) Work from home gives you an opportunity to be your own boss and have flexibility in setting your own working hours. Not working in a conventional working environment also means that there will be lack of an imposing boss, no formal performance appraisals, boring lunch-time meetings and monotonous office lunches. Besides, you will be creating your own work environment and be personally benefited from your hard work & productivity as you will decides your own rewards & goals.

(4) There is always room for learning multi skills, because operating your own work from home business/job gives you valuable opportunities to perform a variety of tasks from start to complete. And you’re relying on your skills & experiences to get these jobs perfectly done.

(5) Work from home may also improve your health directly in a way that your frustration & stress levels drop significantly (Note: click here to do a life change stress test) and your energy levels rise as you adopt a healthier & happier lifestyle. For examples, your stress levels may rise as a result of one or more of these awful experiences:

  • Tired of waking up at 6AM every day & driving long hours to a day job
  • Petrol/diseal prices for vehicle are not coming down anytime soon
  • A grueling work schedule plus long commuting time is bad enough
  • So much traffic (traffic jams) to deal with on the way to work & home
  • You could be stuck at the office to finish a last minute work until 10PM
  • Have one or more imposing bosses behind you
  • Unable to fix an appointment with trademen / home deliveries because of your grueling work schedule.
  • And many more…
    When you are working from home, you can incorporate some healthy habits into your daily work-at-home routine like that you can exercise at any time of the day, have healthier & delicious home-made lunches, and sleep more now that your workplace is only a few feets away from your bedroom.

    (6) When you work from home you can set your own time schedule as you want, thus you will be available for personal commitments and be able to spend more time with the family, i.e. no more missing your child’s school events, be home in time for a family dinner, commit to personal activities without needing approval from anyone (because of you’re your own boss), have flexibility to do housework & grocery shopping, walk your dogs/cats in the park, etc. This is freedom for the people in Malaysia who work from home.

    (7) Working from home will earn you an extra income besides the regular income from your day job. Earning a multiple streams of income provide you security & peace of mind in the events of emergency. For instance, you still be able to support your family even you’re being made redundant by your company due to the bad economy. In short, a proven work from home programme can provide you an opportunity to diversifying the sources of your income.

    (8) Participating in some of the “work from home business opportunities” in Malaysia can generate you a truly residual passive income, and subsequently put you in a better position in the terms of wealth building. It should be mention that, however, a “work from home job” may not earn you the side income that is truly residual & passive in nature for the reason that a job will only earn you money when you are directly & actively working on it. In contrast a home based business opportunity that involves proven network marketing concepts can certainly earn you a truly passive residual income.

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    Are you thinking of launching your own home based franchise? This is a great idea for someone who wants to have a regular income, but is not very experienced in the proposed field.

    Here are 5 top benefits that affirm that home based franchise is excellent idea:

    (1) Lower Investment – as a home based franchise you would definitely have to pay a certain amount to buy the license. But since you would be operating from your own home, the investment would be much lower than if you would have had to rent separate premises. With a business from home you are also cutting down on commuting costs, which often amount to a bundle.

    (2) Flexi Working Hours – one of the greatest advantages of setting up a home based franchise is that you can work any time you want. In other words, if you think that the best working time for you is from 8 00 PM to 2 00 AM every day, you can actually work at that time for your full-time or part-time franchise business. This is because the home based franchise is situated (obviously) in your home, there is no question of commuting at odd hours to ensure you make the best of your day for your home based franchise.

    (3) Ready-made Market in Home Based Franchise – the fact that you run your business from home would give you a small but distinct advantage of having an already set market. Your neighbours , community, friends and family would Willy-nilly learn about your home based franchise and more often than not become your first clients and best marketers. These people who already know you and trust you would promote your home based franchise business by word of mouth, thus creating an excellent viral marketing chain for you.

    (4) Free Help/Workers – there is one more excellent advantage when you run a home based franchise. Your family would extend all possible help to you , without any charge. For example, you need your business emails to be answered? Your children/ spouse might just get to do it for you. You want invoices drawn up , or the accounts entered in the computer, someone from your family would step in and help you. This help might not have been available to you if they had to commute to your work place to do it for lack of time However, since the business is at home, everyone would be happy to lend you a helping hand and you will save plenty on work-power in your home based franchise.

    (5) Best Management of Time – it is true that when you want to set up a business you would have to put aside a daily time budget for it. In case your business would be away from home, that time would be fixed and often inflexible However, when you set up a work from home franchise you can always work more because you are ‘on the business premises’ 24×7. It would be easy to you to get back to the work whenever you have any additional free time and hence, your home based franchise would grow faster and better.

    It looks from the above that you would enjoy many benefits from setting up a home based franchise besides creating a new channel for generating regular money income.

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